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Welcome!   To
submit an online petition for free hosting here at PetitionOnline.com, please first take a few minutes to read through this form, and bookmark this page so you can get back here easily. If you have additional questions, please consult the PetitionOnline Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. Finally, take a few minutes to look at least two or three existing petitions already running here at PetitionOnline.com

Then, once you have a sense of how our petitions work, prepare your petition statement and strategy. Hundreds or thousands or even more people will read your petition statement at this site, so before you submit, please do take the time to get it right. Poorly worded petitions with bad spelling and grammatical errors will be an embarrassment to the petition author.

Spell-checking is a bare minimum! We recommend using word processing software to prepare the text of your petition statement (which you can then copy and paste into this form when it is all ready).

Once your petition has been created, it cannot normally be edited.  Consider for a moment how would you feel if someone could change a document after you had signed it!

For experienced advice on writing persuasive letters and petitions, take a look at the book Shocked, Appalled, and Dismayed! How to Write Letters of Complaint That Get Results by author and communicator Ellen Phillips.

When your petition statement is ready, checked and double-checked, then fill out this form completely and accurately. When the form is complete, read and click the "Preview This Submission" button at the bottom of this page to go to the next step. When you approve the preview and actually submit a petition, our staff will automatically be notified of your submission.

Once your petition has been written and submitted, and is actually live here on the web, then it's time to focus on spreading the word. The concept is simple: the more people you can send here to read your petition, the more people will sign it and thus contribute to your cause. E-mail a petition announcement to your friends, submit your petition page to major search engines, promote the petition in appropriate online forums, and get as many good incoming links connected to your petition as possible. For a good petition, lots of traffic will lead to lots of signatures, and to petition success!

Whether you submit a petition today or not, thank you for visiting PetitionOnline!

I.   Petition Statement
This is the heart of your petition - the actual text you will be asking people to agree with and sign. We recommend that you compose the petition statement carefully off-line, use a spell-checker to check the spelling, and then copy and paste the finished text into this field.
Petition Statement:

The words "Sincerely, The Undersigned" will automatically
be added at the end of your petition statement.

II.   Petition Signatures Information
"Name" and "E-mail Address" are required fields for every petition and will be included . If you choose for signature names to be displayed, then names will be shown, but each signer will still have the option of keeping his or her e-mail address private.
Choose whether to display the names of those who sign your petition. In general this gives more strength to the statement the petition makes. If you choose "No" then only the total number of signatures will be displayed.
Display Signature Names:
Define up to four additional fields of information you want to collect with each signature. Keep in mind that the more information you require, the fewer people are likely to sign the petition. If you are displaying names, the below information will be shown along with the name, so if you are requesting people to list their address, you should not make it a required field.

Field Name Field Type Field Status
Example: Comments
Example: Address; Zip Code
Example: Numbers of Items; Users
Example: Political Party

III.   Petition Background Information
Petition Title: The word "Petition" will automatically be added at the end of your title.
Use title case - not all-caps.
Example: Liberty and Justice for All
(which becomes, "Liberty and Justice for All Petition")
Petition ID: This code will be part of the URL for your petition.
Example: qd3d1234
  The ID for your petition can be a maximum of 8 characters and may contain only letters and numerals — no spaces, dashes, or other punctuation.  
Petition Target: This is the organization or person the petition will be sent to.
Example: U.S. Congress
Petition Community: (OK to leave blank) IF a group of people are helping to create and officially support this petition, put their name here.
Example: members of the Sierra Club
Community URL: (OK to leave blank) IF the petition community has a web site, put a link to it here.
Example: http://qd3d.designcommunity.com
Petition Author: Both given and family names (first and last) are required.
Example: Alex Smith
  You must give the actual full personal name of the individual responsible for this petition. Anonymous petitions are not allowed.  
Author Email: This must be a valid email address for the Petition Author. If you are not willing to have a public email address, and handle the email related to the petition, then please do not create one in the first place.Example: smith@artifice.com
  An accurate email address for contacting the author of record is required. A verification email will be sent to this address before your petition is activated, so it must be a real address.  
Eligible Signatories (optional descriptive phrase): This is a description of the people who can sign the petition.
Example: residents of California
Geography of Petition Applicability:
State of Petition Applicability (USA only):
Petition Language: At this point only petitions written in English are officially supported. Petitions written in many other languages happen to work. All correspondence with PetitionOnline support must be in English.
Petition Tags (Keywords): Tags are keywords related to your petition which will make it easier for people to find. Multi-word terms should be surrounded by quotes. Example: California "Sierra Club" Environment "U.S. Congress"
Allow Users to Add Tags: Yes:   No: By selecting Yes people viewing your petition will be able to add tags they feel are relevant to make your petition easier to find. As the author you will be able to delete any tags you feel are not appropriate for your petition.
Password: This is a password of your choice you will use to perform basic administrative tasks on your petition. Enter the same password in both fields.
Verify Password:


IV.   Petition Author Contact Information
Please provide additional contact information so we may reach you privately if the need arises. PetitionOnline will not publish this information and will not share it with anyone without your permission.*
*Except as deemed necessary in cases of serious abuse or malfeasance.
Street Address:
Telephone Number:
Share contact info with press: Yes:   No:
  Occasionally we are contacted by members of the press looking to talk with petition authors. If you select Yes we will give your contact information to members of the press who ask for it.


www.PetitionOnline.com provides free hosting of public petitions for responsible public advocacy. This public forum is privately sponsored, so we reserve the right to refuse submissions arbitrarily. Petitions do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Artifice, Inc. or our sponsors. Please send us your questions, comments, and suggestions! In case of technical difficulties, please contact PetitionOnline Support using our simple Petition Help form.   PetitionOnline™ is a trademark of Artifice, Inc.
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